Discover new trails with Greyp!

Join us as we discover new trails together with some of the top mtb riders around! Stay close, new episodes are uploaded regularly.

HACK THE HILLS: Sv. Juraj Trail

The Sveti Juraj Trail didn't stand a chance, even though our riders ate dust. Literally.
​But any trail is good if you have the right gear. And our G6 eMTBs turned out to be the best gear.


Get the GPX file: https://greyp.me/hack_the_hills_svjuraj





We're taking you to Bike Park San Servolo - built by cyclists for cyclists! Enjoy hacking all 5 trails ahead of you, especially the red one.

Get the GPX file: https://greyp.me/sanservolotrail



HACK THE HILLS: Skitača Trail

All drift - no grip! Join us in this new adventure as we ride the Skitača trail in Istria, Croatia! This trail doesn't have many technical elements, but from top to bottom, the sea view is magnificent. 

GPX files: https://greyp.me/skitaca_trail



HACK THE HILLS: Bike Park Vintijan

We're taking you to "Bike park Vintijan" near Pula, Croatia to enjoy 10 trails, ranging from Begginer to Pro! Your riding buddies for the day - Ivan Bašić - Croatian Downhill and Enduro Champion and Sven Hrešć, not a Croatian Downhill and Enduro Champion!

GPX files: https://greyp.me/gpx_vintijan

HACK THE HILLS: Ćićarija Trail

It's one of those mountains you admire while driving by, from your car window...This time 'round, we're taking you up there for a closer look! Join us as we discover Ćićarija trails!

​GPX Files: https://greyp.me/gpx_cicarija

HACK THE HILLS: Enduraga Trails

We explore Enduraga Trails with our riders. It's a very technically demanding and rocky trail, made by locals, so things get pretty bumpy pretty early on!

GPX files: https://greyp.me/gpx_enduraga_agata




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