Greyp G6X & 5.1/5.2 – New 2020 eMTBs with the Croatian’s take on Bike Gamification

Greyp G6X & 5.1/5.2 – New 2020 eMTBs with the Croatian’s take on Bike Gamification

Croatian bike manufacturer and tech company Greyp is fully committed to both the Gamification of eBikes and artificial intelligence. For the new season, the brand expands its portfolio with a more aggressive, high-end, and limited version of their Greyp G6X model. Furthermore, we will give you all the details about their new Greyp
G5.1 and G5.2 hardtail models.

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At Greyp Bikes we design, engineer, and produce high-end electric bicycles with advanced technology and performance; offering a unique blend of high-end bike components with AI, data gathering, and augmented reality.




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